How it’s Made

1. Design

  • Our talented designer will concept the new piece from a sketch or a 3-D object provided by the customer.
  • The designer will input these designs into highly sophisticated computer system that will prepare it for the molding.

2. Molding

  • After the design has been agreed upon, the designs get moved to the next stage of production.  If the piece has been designed from a sketch, a metal mold will be created, and if it is designed from a 3-D object, a rubber mold will be created.
  • If a customer feels more comfortable with a metal mold rather than rubber, our designer can design the 3 -D object into the proper formate to create the metal mold.

3. Shooting

  • With the two different types of molds caused us to use two different styles of shooting.  With a metal mold, plastic is injected, and a rubber mold, wax is injected. 

4. Tree

  • After the pieces have been shot, the wax and plastic molds are then placed in a tree.

5. Flask

  • The tree is then placed into the flask.  After the tree is properly sitting in the flask the holes in the flask are covered.

6. Investment

  • To prepare the molds for the oven an investment is poured into the flask.  After the investment is covering the complete tree it is left to dry.

7. Baking

  • After the investment is completely dry the Tree is placed into the oven.  While in the oven the molds melt out of the investment.

8. Cast

  • Only when all of the molds have been completely removed out of the investment is when the pieces are casted with 925 Sterling Silver.

9. Cooling Water

  • To get the pieces out of the tree, they are placed in cooling water that caused the investment to come out.

10. Acid

  • The pieces are then cut away from the tree and placed into an acidic solution.  This acid will continue to clean the piece and remove any excess  pieces of investment.
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